Exhibitor Tips + Tricks

Thousands of engaged couples attend Kansas City Perfect Wedding Guide Wedding Shows each year and we want to give every vendor the opportunity to showcase their services.  Below are tips to help make your experience at the show the best and most profitable it can be!

Setting up. Give yourself adequate time to set up your booth by setting up the day before.  Even if you think you don't have much set up to do, you might find you want to make last minute changes or need an item for your booth/display that you can make sure to bring the day of the show.  Also, you can meet with your fellow vendors in a relaxed atmosphere, check out other booths, and feel prepared for the show.  Unloading can be a little chaotic so have patience and give yourself lots of time.

Spacious aisles make a difference. Be sure you booked enough space for your booth. The floor plan at the show is designed with wide aisles and spacious booths so attendees and vendors can navigate the show without frustration. Leave room in your booth so you can pull brides and grooms out of the flow of traffic. Introduce yourself to your neighboring vendors - they could be the source of your next referral.

Know the traffic flow. Between fashion shows, giveaways, and prize drawings the activities are plentiful and meant to keep the energy of the show going. These activities are timed to the minute. Knowing how this flow works and the times of each event makes it easier for vendors to spend quality time with each couple.  Additionally, use the reduced traffic flow during our fashion shows to grab a snack, visit with other vendors, organize your booth/marketing collateral, and use the restroom.

Marketing Collateral and Booth Design. Make sure you bring PLENTY of pens, business cards, post cards, flyers, etc.  While we provide a small sign indicating the occupant of the booth and clothed table(s), it helps to bring a larger sign or banner, decorative linens, decor, and plenty of samples/photos of your services/products.  A bright, creative, and cheerful booth will draw the attention of attendees.  

Bring motivated employees to work the show. Motivated employees are happy employees and will yield the best results at the show. Be friendly and helpful to couples who might be a little overwhelmed with all the sounds and visuals of the day.

After the Show. Wait until the show concludes to being breaking down your booth.  Many couples will make a final stop by booths on their way out of the show.  Loading up after the show requires patience and politeness to your fellow vendors.  Often loading docks are crowding and everyone is working as quickly as possible to get loaded up and out.  Don't park your vehicle on the dock until your items are ready to load.  After the conclusion, you will be provided with a leads list of attendees.  Make sure to follow up with your leads and utilize the many marketing opportunities KC PWG has to offer! 

Social Media.  Make sure to take advantage social media by posting prior to the show to create excitement, promote your involvement, and encourage your followers to attend the show!  Make sure to tag @kcpwg and use the hashtag #kcpwgshow to tap into a broader audience!